Better Than A Boy

better than a boyA quick caption for a rainy day in Vancouver (welcome to the Pacific Northwest). No clueless guys here; the young man in this brutally honest coming-of-age tale looks to be making a firm and positive choice for his future—one that it’s hard to argue with. With hair like that, I for one (surprise, surprise) would certainly consider it a huge step up in the world. Enjoy!

From the archives, I’m reminded of last year’s “Neural Malware” and “Competitive Edge” from 2017, just because of the way the text is laid out within the graphic (a style I rarely use).



TG caption: Better Than A Boy

7 thoughts on “Better Than A Boy

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  4. “…and last night I let him boink me sideways.” Perhaps just a bit TMI there. 🙂 Otherwise a cute little tale there, thanks!

    • You may be right! But it was meant to be taken as a humorous aside by someone coming into her own as a woman. It’s hard to explain, but it seemed to fit with the tone of the piece, at least insofar as it was playing in my own head. But readers bring their own perspective, which is just as valid as mine. Glad you liked it, otherwise! 🙂

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