A Man Laughs Nervously

a man laughs nervouslyAccording to recent scientific research, it turns out that viruses can affect the genetic code of the organisms they infect; they can even insert copies of themselves into a cell’s DNA, which means they’re effectively editing it. So it would seem that gene-sharing is all over the place in nature; it wasn’t a thing invented by genetic engineers just to “mess with nature”, it’s been part of Nature all along. Which brings us to this little tale “ripped from the headlines”, about a virus that rewrites the human genetic code in a very particular way. (Okay, so that is kinda messin’ with nature, but whatever.) For the record I’ll also state that I have nothing against radical feminists; depending on the issue at hand, I support much of what they stand for (in many ways I consider myself a feminist). Their usage in this caption simply fits the satirical thrust of the plot (such as it is). This is fiction, folks! Enjoy.

I’m not sure, but I think the last time I used a virus (albeit a computer virus) to effect a transformation was in “Neural Malware“; maybe that was even the only time (correct me if I’m wrong). That’s the problem with having such an extensive back catalog (all available in the archives; links to your right), there’s just so much there I can’t remember it all. A nice problem to have, of course (and decidedly first-world).


P.S. This is a wide caption with lots of text, so here’s the JPG for all you collectors out there. Click the above icon for the standard PDF version.

2 thoughts on “A Man Laughs Nervously

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