Bridal Therapy

bridal therapyAs you may have heard a bride on her wedding day is a figure of radiant beauty, so who could blame a child for wanting to grow up to be just like her—even if the child in question were a boy? I can’t say I gave it much thought myself, but I’m sure growing up like that would be tough sledding; parental-induced guilt trips would no doubt be plentiful. This is the tale of one such boy and how his dream came to pass. Sadly, there are those among us who are all too willing to take advantage of someone in need. Regardless, enjoy!

I’ve done my share of wedding-related captions over the years. The most recent ones are “End of the Line” and “A Taste of Womanhood“. There are others in the archives.


P.S. This is a wide caption with lots of text that would look funny rendered so tiny, so here’s the JPG for those of you who collect them. Click the above icon for the regular PDF version.

8 thoughts on “Bridal Therapy

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    • Hmm. Probably not the same guy, given that he died in 1907. But hey, if as a younger man he had access to a time machine and he also dabbled in hypnosis and was into men who could pass as women, then anything’s possible! It’s oft been said that the universe is stranger than we can imagine (or, in this case, perhaps not). But could he be a descendant? Maybe, but then again Kelvin isn’t that unusual a surname, is it?

    • Thanks for the heads-up. I initially posted it with the wrong link attached to the icon. I realized the mistake, like, three seconds later, and fixed it on the website, but of course the emails had already gone out. Three seconds is a long time for a computer! Apologies for the issue, but as I said the correct PDF link is available on my website.

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