Born to Wear That Wig

born to wear that wigTo state the bleedin’ obvious: a good wig is almost always a key element (if not the most important, IMHO) in the cross-dressing transformation. I can remember, as a teenager, passing a drug store that happened to have a wall display of wigs (some on the longish side) that could be seen through a side window; many of my youthful fantasies used that store as a setting. (It was right next to a bus station, but what relevance that may have is unknown.)

Nowadays, surfing the Web for imagery, I often come across (okay, seek out) pictures of wigs—as do, I suspect, many of you. Sometime last year I began seeing photos and videos originating from the website of Beka Wigs, a wig salon located in Brooklyn, New York (alas, very far away). My reaction? (surprise, surprise) WOWZERS! Such gorgeous long hair! This is definitely the wig store of my dreams. Not being a customer I can’t personally vouch for their products, but their public outreach is certainly mind-blowing! I had thought to make this a GIF caption (with embedded video), but eventually decided that was more trouble than it was worth. But for anyone interested, here’s the video (dated May 31, 2018) that I took the still image from. Enjoy!


P.S. This is one of my wider captions, so here’s the JPG for your collection. Click the above icon for the usual PDF version.

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