A Slight Snag

a slight snagI’ve always thought that the transporter technology in Star Trek wasn’t used for nearly as many applications as it could have been. For instance, why not store the patterns of away-team members while they’re “away”, and if they don’t make it back just re-materialize them from their beam-out pattern? It would sure cut down on the casualty rate (and the drama as well, I suppose). Anyway, here’s another possible usage that, to the best of my knowledge, no one has ever thought of before. Enjoy!


P.S. This is a fairly wide caption, so here’s the JPG for your image collection. As usual, click the above icon for the PDF version.

3 thoughts on “A Slight Snag

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  2. I loves this story line. And the ending was just perfect the way she seems to have upset the ex’s plans for widowhood.

    • Glad you liked, Michelle. This is a bit of a rarity for me: the (former) male is anything but clueless, and he got exactly what he wanted—without really hurting his wife (she sounds like a bit of a gold-digger, so didn’t deserve the money). If there’s such a thing as a victimless crime (if a crime it be; theft of dna?), this might be it!

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