A Wicked Idea

a wicked ideaIt’s a cliché to say that power corrupts and I won’t belabor the point; there’s enough examples hitting the headlines these days as it is (yes, I’m talking about that guy). Instead, let’s talk about temptation and how it can lead us into sin. Take one closeted cross-dresser, hand him everything he ever wanted on the proverbial silver platter, and you’ve got the recipe for a serious case of irresistible temptation. Dare I say, it might even lead him to consider… murder? (Because let’s face reality: that’s what his choice would amount to, in a roundabout sort of way.) Enjoy the moral quandary!

If you liked this one, a couple of other bodysuit captions to check out are: “Deal of the Century” and “What the Bad Guy Wants“. There are lots more in the archives, so feel free to spend your entire day browsing. Time well spent!


P.S. This is a fairly wide caption, so here’s the JPG for your image collection. As usual, click the above icon for the PDF version.

3 thoughts on “A Wicked Idea

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