One Life to Live

one life to liveHere’s a scenario for you: some innocent dude is out and about in the city (any city), minding his own business, and all of a sudden he’s snatched off the street, taken to some undisclosed location, and completely transformed into a woman. Certainly begs the question of who/what/why, doesn’t it? Well, this caption doesn’t answer those questions, it just captures one brief (but pivotal) moment in this man’s unsought journey to womanhood. Enjoy!

The last thing I wrote wherein a woman was tied up was all the way back in January: a vignette called “The Alter Girls“. In case you’re wondering, I no longer post captions like this elsewhere because of a (valid) complaint that I used someone else’s photographic property (on DeviantArt), and because of numerous ideology-driven complaints (on Pinterest). (The complaints on Pinterest dried up because I stopped following anyone other than fellow TG enthusiasts.) But the very mild bondage pics I sometimes employ are still safe to post here, with the usual caveat that if the actual owner of this photo feels that its use here is unwarranted and unwelcome, please let me know and I will of course remove the picture in question.



TG caption: One Life to Live

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