Everybody Wins!

everybody winsClueless males often have starring roles in my captions, but when along comes a girl wielding a book of transformative magic spells a guy really can’t be blamed for being helpless (and clueless). There’s nothing to be done but ride out the changes and hope you’re still human at the end of it all. In the event, this guy really didn’t come off all that badly—not unlike a couple of other recent magic-based captions: “Magic to the Max” and “You are So Fired“. We should all be so lucky. Enjoy!

By the way, this website recently passed the milestone of six million views (or web hits). I passed the five million mark a week shy of a year ago, which is slightly faster than was the case before, but then again I’ve been on a bit of a roll these past few months. I’m no longer creating a cool celebratory poster for every milestone (I’ll do another one for ten million views, so get clicking), but follow the links to check out the ones I’ve done in the past. Many thanks to all my readers, both the regulars and those who only drop by from time to time. I like to think that there’s something here for darn near everyone—everyone who’s into cross-dressing, that is.


P.S. This is a fairly wide caption, so here’s the JPG for your image collection. As is usually the case, click the above icon for the PDF version.

3 thoughts on “Everybody Wins!

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