Gonna Get Laid

gonna get laidHere’s another quick TG caption to add to the Halloween cavalcade you’ve already seen. It’s yet another tale of a clueless guy manipulated into dressing up as a woman, at the hands of a genuine girl whose motive for doing so remains a mystery. Heck, I’ve done this shtick so many times it probably deserves to be a trope all by itself. It might also lead some of you to think that I myself might be clueless. In some respects that may be true (aren’t we all, in some respects?), but I think it’s closer to the mark to say that I can totally relate to guys who happen to be clueless. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt. But I’m feeling much better (and less clueless) now, thanks muchly. Enjoy!



TG caption: Gonna Get Laid

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