You Only Live Twice

you only live twiceMany of you might be wondering: what’s up with Amanda this week, she’s posting like every day! Nothing earth-shaking: a couple of weeks back I happened to be working on several things at once, but finalizing none of them. This week I had a bunch of items pretty much ready to go, so I’ve been finalizing one a day and rolling ’em out. I won’t be making a habit of this, so don’t reset your expectations for this website. I could easily go quiet for weeks on end, which only means I’m focusing on a longer story.

Anyway, to keep things rolling, here’s a tale of psychotherapy gone mad. (The idea used here isn’t actually that far-fetched: after all, psychotherapy, useful though it often is, has given us the moral panics of satanic ritual abuse and false memory syndrome.) Also, given how often this sort of thing comes up in TG fiction, I think it deserves its own trope. Enjoy!


P.S. Do check out the rewritten version of the same story!


TG caption: You Only Live Twice

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