Midnight in the Chapel of Tears

midnight in the chapel of tearsThe premise is simple: a Halloween challenge spirals out of control, as a cross-dresser in deep denial comes to terms with his desire for feminization—and ultimately meets his fate on Halloween night. This story has a different feel to others I’ve written, wherein the pictures were chosen to illustrate the text (however roughly). Here, pictures rule the roost. The story began as a caption, then grew beyond a single page, roped in more pics and generally spiraled out of control. The result is a more episodic plot than a story should have, and could better be viewed as a TG caption with a LOT of text. Readers have often mentioned that they’d like to see some particular caption extended; well, in this story you get your wish. Enjoy!

Last year’s Halloween captions were “Change of Heart” and “Who Hit on Jessica Rabette“, and you could also throw “Sister Hyde” in there as well. Also, for reasons that escape me, I do seem to like me a secret room under a church, as shown in “When We Practice to Deceive“. Oh well, to each her own obsessions.


5 thoughts on “Midnight in the Chapel of Tears

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