Uncle Sam Wants You

uncle sam wants youMy apologies to patriotic Americans with a low tolerance for satire, but we here at Amanda’s Reading Room recognize very few sacred cows when it comes to the targets we choose for comedic and transgender send-ups. Besides, with some of the scandals we’ve seen over the years, in the US military and elsewhere, this might not be that far off-base. When the right body modification technology comes along (fingers crossed), I suspect something like this might become a distinct possibility. Love that hair!

The last picture I used that was this nakedly seductive might be “Goddess of the Moon” from 2017. “Disbelief” from 2015 was a pretty good one too.


P.S. This is a very wide caption (the better to fit in all that hair!), so here’s the JPG file for those of you who collect. Click the above icon for the regular PDF version.

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