Quality Time En-femme

quality time en-femmeIn honor of the time I recently spent dressed-up and fully in touch with my feminine side, I offer up this homage to the mental struggle we must all face whenever we indulge in such activities. I’ve visited this subject many times before, of course, so I’ll just refer new readers back to a few choice items: “Committed” from 2018, “No Choice” from 2017, and “Feel the Fear” from 2016. Enjoy!



TG caption: Quality Time En-femme

3 thoughts on “Quality Time En-femme

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  2. I have been down this road many times & always chickened out, finally I got up the courage to walk around the hotel & I wound up in the lounge. As luck would have it, I spent the evening wraped in a man’s arms & I loved it.

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