Playing the Girlfriend

playing the girlfriendIn story terms this caption is nothing special: it’s a variation on the oft-used trope of a guy dressing up as a girl and pretending to be someone’s girlfriend so some other people don’t think he’s gay—which sounds like a self-fulfilling prophecy if there ever was one. But the picture intrigued me, given what it implies about the character’s point of view. So it’s the character’s voice (the tone and content, not just the sound) that’s of interest here.

I should also mention that this scenario is in no way autobiographical. I have neither indulged in this sort of thing, nor do I aspire to do so (boys are icky). But as the caption says, there’s nothing wrong with playing out a fantasy. That applies to the fictional form AND to real life, so to anyone who has done this (or is thinking about it) I say, “You go, girl.” As Bono once sang: Pride, in the name of love.” It wasn’t about the LGBT movement, but it fits!

A recent vignette with a very similar theme was “Playing the Part” from way back in January.



TG Caption: Playing the Girlfriend

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