Deal of the Century

deal of the centuryI’ve always been a little dismayed at the way the “hero” (I use the term loosely) in a TG caption or story often steals some poor woman’s life and totally gets away with it, suffering no negative consequences from a profoundly selfish act. I’n not pleading innocence here; I’ve done it myself (in fictional form). The lure of becoming that which we admire so much is strong enough to overcome the lingering guilt—at least when it’s just a fantasy; I doubt I could bring myself to do it in real life. In any event, I keep looking for alternate outcomes to the dastardly deed and this is my latest attempt at a reasonably ethical (and highly fitting) outcome. Enjoy!


P.S. We’re back to the crazy-wide captions, so here’s the JPG for anyone who might need it. Click the above icon for the PDF.

4 thoughts on “Deal of the Century

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