Cosmopolitan July 2019

cosmopolitan july 2019This magazine cover was recently brought to my attention, but a quick comparison with the issue currently on the stands strongly suggests (or even proves) that it must have come from somewhere else: to wit, an alternate or parallel universe. This certainly isn’t the first time such an item has come into my possession, but the interesting thing is that this other version of our universe appears to have a much more relaxed attitude towards the whole notion of a mother raising her son not only as a girl, but as a younger version of herself. The psychology of this trend (in the alternate universe) is debatable, but striking a blow against the patriarchy by doing so is certainly an interesting idea. Enjoy!

The last parallel universe item I posted was an old issue of “Transvestia” (follow the links for more such examples). In terms of sons honoring their mothers in this unique way, I was reminded of “In Her Shoes” from 2016, but there are at least a few (dozen) others in the archives.



Cosmopolitan July 2019 (parallel universe)

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