Sounds Like A Plan

sounds like a planI believe in affirmative action, and the action doesn’t get any more affirmative than what the wife in this caption does! Why mess around answering phones and kowtowing to whatever self-important buffoon happens to wander through the front door, when you can work your way to the top the old-fashioned way? By which I mean, hard work and a little slight of hand with a couple of made-to-order bodysuits. Even better, her somewhat arrogant but basically good-hearted husband might just learn a thing or two about the challenges women face in the workforce. Nothing wrong with that! Hell, we should all be so lucky. Enjoy!



TG caption: Sounds Like A Plan!

4 thoughts on “Sounds Like A Plan

  1. THE PLAN! An unforeseen change ….fifteen months later…..
    “Sorry did I wake you babe?” he asks
    “No, just resting my eyes. Those two kept me up all night,” pointing at the two bassinets. “Who would figure 3-month old girls could cry, eat and poop so much,” says the exhausted new mother.
    “Yea, babies are like that. As for me I slept like a log!” the new dad chuckles. Pointing to her lactating breasts she says, “Did you know these suits were this anatomically real?”
    “You should have figured it out after your second period and got on the pill like I told ya,” He responds.
    “I thought about it but decided not to. Still I waited almost 3 months before we had sex!” she whined.
    “Interesting, still who have thunk, my macho husband would take to the femmy life so well that he begged me for it and then catches her first time!” reminding the tired mom of her part in this mixed up marriage. “Well just remember I won’t be back for dinner. At 4:00 p.m. I will be introduced as the new VP for sales,” he boasts, “Then a fancy celebratory dinner at 6:30 with the boys. Finally, off we go to that strip joint you used to like so much. Booze, broads, and boobs like you used to say! Um… by the way, you still like strippers, right?”.
    The new mom too tired to engage her husband’s baiting just glares at him, to embarrassed to say the obvious new truth.
    “Don’t forget you have your own special girly day planned. My mom and my sisters are coming over this morning to see the twins and give you a mommy makeover! After that, your lady finger lunch and girl talk, maybe, you can get a nice nap in too,” he suggests while smiling at her. “When I get home tonight, we can celebrate my promotion with some parent fun!
    Ignoring his plan she snaps back, “You mean my mom, my sisters and my promotion!”.
    “Now let’s remember to stay in character… paula opps Katie” he quips.
    Feeling defeated she tries a new track, “Um Paul darling, now that you have your coveted promotion, we can switch back soon right? After all you are the real woman of the house.”
    “Babe, we already talked about this remember, the plan got changed. I was never pregnant, you were. If we switch back now my breasts wouldn’t be making nutritious mother’s milk like yours. Remember your old speech from a few years back, “Breast feeding for the first three years leads to the healthiest children”? Anyhoo, we can see where my career is after the girls are weaned. Who knows, by then you’ll probably be carrying that boy you always wanted!” he chuckles on his way out the door.

    • I wondered about that myself. Could definitely happen. It would depend on whether or not his wife can disable the bodysuit without his consent, which is at least conceivable.

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