Billy Goes Down Hard

billy goes down hardA sister captioneer on DeviantArt recently commented that I’ve pretty much cornered the market on TG captions and stories that focus on the internal turmoil of the main character, be they a cross-dresser or a transgendered person (willingly or not). I thought that was a wonderfully insightful remark, and it’s certainly true of most of my work (whether or not I’ve actually “cornered the market” is open to debate, but I’m surely in the conversation). It doesn’t take a genius to know that this must stem from my own inner turmoil when it comes to cross-dressing. I’m very much of two minds about the subject, attracted and frustrated at the same time, and often find myself pulled in opposite directions. (I know I’m not alone there.) To that end, here’s yet another caption that captures that very thing. Enjoy!

This piece reminded me of a couple of captions from a few years ago: “Feel the Fear” and “Courage and the Crossdresser“. There are lots more like it in the archives.



TG caption: Billy Goes Down Hard

One thought on “Billy Goes Down Hard

  1. I think that’s what you [and] many of us do. We try to make herself as soon as possible and hope it will never end.

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