Just Look at that Face

just look at that faceAs most of my readers are probably aware, I’ve got a definite liking for long wavy hair (not too long, mind you; halfway down one’s back is quite long enough). But when I stumbled across the picture you see here, I was struck by the woman’s beauty—and wondered how I myself might react were I to receive a full-body makeover of this (incredible) thoroughness and (mind-blowing) quality. The introspective expression on the woman’s face dovetailed neatly with my own imagined reaction, and this pair of captions was born. (The second caption only appears in the PDF.) Enjoy!

For similar captions with the lady’s hair down, you might want to check out “Bryn Mawr Bound“, “People of Earth“, “Rose Gold” and “Break My Spirit“. There, uhm… may be a few others in the archives. (Ya think?)



TG captions: Just Look at that Face

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