Feminization: It’s the Law!

feminization, it's the lawOnce upon a time, this humble author rented a basement suite from an older couple (lovely people) and chanced to discover at the back of the closet under the stairs… a small treasure-trove of women’s clothing. Need I spell out what happened next? I mean, could any of us resist the lure of such a fabulous stash? When living away from home, not for the first time, but for the first time in an apartment of one’s own? I’m not made of stone, people! Anyway, nothing dramatic came of it, and that’s the extent of the overlap between this story and my never-to-be-written autobiography. But if the same thing were to happen today, in the current (or upcoming) political climate, and my landlady happened to be the sort of person who found feminizing young men both fun and profitable—who knows what could have happened? Actually, I suspect we all know, but I’m sure you’ll want to read about it anyway. Enjoy!

The concept of the license mentioned in this story first appeared in a recent caption, “A License to Feminize“. Also, I wrote about this clothes-in-the-closet scenario some years back in “Empty Nest” (third from the bottom); decide for yourself whether or not my writing has improved over the last ten years, but the stories have definitely gotten a lot longer!


9 thoughts on “Feminization: It’s the Law!

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  6. Hi Amanda,

    What a great story. All the elements covered so well! What I wouldn’t give to have a nice landlady like Mrs. Thompkins. Law abiding, patriotic and helping men become women. My kind of gal!

    I am sure the mom will be thrilled with her daughter. I would love to see the dad’s face when he sees Daphne!

    Keep up your great work; well appreciated,


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