Neural Malware

neural malwareThis caption takes us on a journey into the far distant… well, actually the fairly near future—let’s say 20 years or so—for a glimpse at what might (and almost certainly will) happen when this technology becomes readily available to the masses. After what we see with computer viruses and smart-phone malware, is anyone willing to bet that this sort of thing couldn’t possibly happen? I didn’t think so. Enjoy!

This cap reminded me of a vignette I wrote six years ago: “Dare You” from May 2013. If anyone stumbles across something else similar in my archives, do let me know. I’ve written so much stuff, I often forget about it!


P.S. This is a large caption with a whole pile of small text, so it doesn’t look too good diminished in size. But here’s the JPG file for those of your who collect the things. As always, click the above icon for the PDF version.

8 thoughts on “Neural Malware

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