The Enchanted Briefer

the enchanted brieferEven a superficial reading of TG fiction suggests that there are quite a few ways to magically transform a man into a woman. A nice, simple enchanted item of lingerie has undoubtedly been used before, so there’s nothing new here—but the focus is solely on the mental aspects of the transformation, not on speculating where the item may have come from. For those in dire need of a backstory, well… let’s say that the item was procured (mostly likely by the girlfriend) from a certain magical shoppe that appears at irregular intervals in malls across the land—and dependably vanishes shortly thereafter. Yeah, that’s the ticket. It’s as good an excuse as any, right? Enjoy!

For other caps in this vein, I’m gonna go with “Goddess of the Moon” from 2017, and “The Starlet-Maker” from 2016. There are undoubtedly others in the archives; feel free to browse.



TG caption: The Enchanted Briefer

2 thoughts on “The Enchanted Briefer

  1. Sounds like Katelyn should be thinking about changing her name to Kyle and both finding out how it feels from the others point of view for a while. Great story line.

  2. Hi Amanda,

    WOW! I loved this one. If only I could find that enchanted lingerie! No more Paul only Paula. What an ending too! His wife will take his virginity! The best!!
    Hopefully Todd was also ovulating on her first day and a baby will be delivered in 9 months! MY ULTIMATE DESIRE!!

    And lets face it Chicks got it real easy you know.

    Thanks again,


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