For the Win

for the winThis story is a cautionary tale of what can happen when a sibling rivalry spirals out of control—stopping short of murder, it must be said, but transforming a son into a daughter is certainly well within the bounds of ethical competition. Whatever it takes… for the win. Enjoy!

Just to briefly pump my own tires: being an only child and thus having no experience whatsoever with siblings (rivalry or no), a story like this serves as a shining example of a powerful imagination at work (tires: pumped). As for precursors, I’ll point you to “The Game” from 2014, which is another example of a couple of over-competitive people taking things too far. These tales might not be terribly realistic, but they do make for good fiction.


5 thoughts on “For the Win

  1. Hi Amanda,

    I loved this story! Poignant, funny and full of drama. Great story all the way through. I loved the ending.

    On a side note: growing up I had 5 sisters. 3 of them were somewhat older than the last three of us. I was number 5. The sister before me was 18 months older. Our youngest sister was 18 months younger than me.

    When I was about 13 – 14 and was dressing up in either my mom’s things or the sister’s near my age as much as I could, my mother gathered us three younger siblings to the kitchen table. With a stern look and direct words her interrogation began. My mother wanted to know who was taking her hormone replacement pills? Not being sure what those were I just sat there quietly. My two sisters also said nothing. My mom looked into each of our eyes and coldly stated, “These pills do not get you high”. They are for her and her only to take!

    Then my mom warned all of us, “These pills will make your busts grow!” I must have turned 8 shades of red when she said that. My mother must have noticed. Looking directly at me again she added “In boys too, Paul”. My sister’s snickered and we were left to sit there for a while. All the time my sisters looked at me suspiciously.

    I just sat there speechless until we were dismissed. However I was thinking, if I knew they were make my bust grow, I would have tried to trade them with some other pill that looked like them. Then I would have started on my own hormone replacement therapy!

    Thanks again for your wonderful website and all of your hard work,


    • You’re welcome, Paula. I’m glad you liked the story. That’s quite a story of your own; I literally cannot imagine (in spite of my vast imagination) what it would be like to grow up with five sisters (or any sisters, frankly). I can only assume that my life would have been vastly different. 🙂

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