To Save a Marriage?

to save a marriageIt’s a tale as old as time: a nebbish dude somehow manages to partner up with a woman who’s way out of his league, who then (some years later) turns around and has an affair with her husband’s handsome go-getter boss. The husband finds out, so what does he do? If this was the nineteenth century, the answer would be: challenge him to a duel. But no, this is the fabulous world of the future and we settle things differently nowadays. The modern husband naturally shoots his wife with one of the many Costume Guns floating around the Western world, becomes her, and sleeps with the boss himself. I mean, it only makes sense, right? For his reasoning and his convoluted rationalization, you’ll have to read the caption yourself. Enjoy!

I’ve written about the infamous Costume Gun several times before (major understatement), so I’ll just refer you to last year’s “I’m Just Sarah“. Feel free to browse the archives for more examples.



TG caption: To Save a Marriage?

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