Answers from the Great Beyond

answers from the great beyondWe all want, or would like, answers to the Big Questions in life: the meaning of it all, what lies beyond this world, that sort of thing. But quite frankly, no one knows. That might be the biggest secret of all (even though it isn’t really a secret), because everybody and their dog seems to think he or she does know the answer—or at least some portion thereof. Anyway, for those of you still questing for the Truth (with a capital-T), look no further because this short story has (small-a) answers in spades. A man wakes up after biting the big one and finds—well, I won’t spoil it for you. Read on!

For the title of this piece, full credit to R.E.M. and their fantastic song, “The Great Beyond“, where they sing about “lookin’ for answers in the great beyond”. As far as I recall I’ve never written anything else quite like this, but I did use the picture before: in the vignette “Messing With Folks” from 2015.


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