The Voyeuress

the voyeuressThis is a pretty straightforward (no pun intended) TG fantasy: a young couple are happily married, but the woman has a wee bit of a kink: she’s a voyeur (there’s no such word as “voyeuress”, but never mind), and what she really-really-really wants to watch is her husband done up like a woman and, well… you know. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink. Now, this is something that could be very concerning to any young husband, especially one that is nominally straight and has never cross-dressed in his life. Luckily, it’s always possible (in this sort of tale) to dig up a therapist with mad hypnotic skillz (but few ethics) who’s willing to solve the problem, apparently just for the fun of it. Yes sirree, where you think this is going is exactly where it goes. Enjoy!

Although there are pictures in the file, there’s no caption associated with this story, so you’ll just have to click on the above icon to read the story. For further reading, I’ll refer you to last year’s “Better Not to Know” and “Beauty and the Bestie” from 2016.


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