Behavioral Entrainment Therapy

behavioral entrainment therapyOnce again we have a psychologist with dubious moral values recommending a fairly “out there” therapy that wouldn’t pass ethical review even at a university whose entire student body was composed of imposters, sitting exams and even attending classes for the rich kids who actually receive the degrees. (How’s that for up-to-the-minute relevance?) So I’m thinking we should add mental health professionals to the list of people (mothers, sisters, aunts, mad scientists, alien intruders…) who feminize hapless males for their own fun and profit. And in case anyone’s wondering, the word “entrainment” is sometimes used to describe how brainwaves can synchronize with some form of external stimuli, and I use it here kind of like that in a hand-wavy sort of way (it’s what we SF types do). Enjoy!

This caption hearkens back to the popular set of therapy-themed captions I wrote several years ago: “Transgender Enhancement Therapy“, “Transgender Conversion Therapy“, “Transgender Commitment Therapy“, and even “Transgender Aversion Therapy“. So yeah, it’s a ‘thing’ now!



TG caption: Behavioral Entrainment Therapy

4 thoughts on “Behavioral Entrainment Therapy

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  3. Amanda, I love your site and the care you put into your captions… You are a very gifted writer and I look forward to your stories… they are very well written and exciting and mysterious, as well as just darn good trans fun…
    Thank you for keeping this up and going and making this entertaining for all of us…..
    Felicia… Ha you wrote one for me!!!

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