The Ultimatum Redux

the ultimatum reduxWhen I post a TG caption, it isn’t unusual for someone to suggest (here or at deviantART) that they’d enjoy seeing the story continued. Other than the sequence of captions a few weeks ago, that pretty much never happens. My standard reply is that the story arc is complete as it is and any addition would be superfluous. However, never let it be said that there cannot be exceptions.

When “The Ultimatum” came out some four and a half years ago (yikes!), someone suggested that it could be extended and I responded with my usual answer, but privately I agreed that yes, there could be more of a story there. So I added that to my to-do list and there it sat until about a month ago when some mysterious event in a far-off galaxy somehow caused me to return to the idea. But as I may have mentioned before, extending a caption doesn’t entail just writing another one; instead, what’s required is building a whole new story that takes the original idea and runs with it—but inevitably involves altering some aspects of the original. So it isn’t necessary to re-read the earlier caption, since this story completely replaces it (although you may still wish to do so purely out of historical interest). Enjoy!

I’ve written a fair number of “man turns into his own wife” captions, several in the last year alone. The one most similar to this tale is “I’m Just Sarah“, but if you’re interested do check the archives for others (a text search on “wife” should do the trick). I didn’t create a promo caption for this story, so I’ll just remind everyone to click on the above icon for the story PDF.


5 thoughts on “The Ultimatum Redux

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  4. What a beautiful story. I could become the woman I truly want to be at the touch of a trigger. Then, I could enjoy marvelous sex with any handsome man of my choice. I live in awe that this could truly happen.

    Thank you, Amanda, for fulfilling my dreams

    • Thank you, Elizabeth, for your kind words. If I knew where you could obtain such a device, I would surely tell you (provided that you promised only to use it on someone who was judged thoroughly undeserving of their youth and beauty by a fair and unbiased jury of their peers).

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