The Alter Girls

the alter girlsSo here’s the deal: you’re a young guy, fairly shy, not much luck with the ladies, and then you meet a nice girl. So far so good: she’s into you, and you’re finally getting some action. But as it turns out, she’s into some kinky stuff… like getting you to wear her clothing. Well, why the heck not? Little by little, you go along with it, and then the two of you start discussing what other sorts of fantasies you might want to indulge in (hint: check out the picture). Events ultimately take a sharp left turn into the Twilight Zone (figuratively speaking) and you end up a prisoner of—the Alter Girls! No, that’s not a typo: it’s a-l-t-e-r, not altar; read on, if you dare, and you’ll find out why. Enjoy!

rough night in tranny-townFor today only, Amanda’s Reading Room is offering the discerning reader a two-for-one special! No explanation needed for this one, but you can think of it as the kind of mischief that some other chapter of the Alter Girls might indulge in. Girl power!

This is a somewhat large caption, so here’s the JPG file for anyone who collects the darn things. Click on either of the above icons for PDFs of the vignette and the caption. By the way, alert readers might notice that the image used in this caption has been recycled from an item I posted two years ago, “A Flaw in the Plan“, but cleverly reversed to hide that fact. (Fear not, I’m not running out of images to use for TG captions; this one just happened to fit the story. And I’m not just being lazy either—so there.)


P.S. I do hope no one is offended by my use of the word “tranny” in the above caption. It was done purely for the purpose of humor and should not be taken as a slight against transvestites, cross-dressers or the otherwise transgendered. We in the TG community must be able to laugh at ourselves and our predilections from time to time; it shows that we can be strong and confident in who and what we are. Laughter is healthy, my friends! So read the caption again, and feel its gentle humor permeate your skin and infuse your entire being with a warm glow. 🙂

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