What Did I Do?

what did I do?Here’s another quickie caption to start the new year off right. I did have several requests for a sequel to the previous caption, and as a general rule I don’t do requests (creativity can be a rather persnickety beast and I can’t guarantee that lightning will strike for any given idea or image) but then I stumbled across this wonderfully evocative picture and the sequel just wrote itself. Enjoy!

Do check out “What Have I Done?” before reading this caption; like, ya know, so this one makes any sense at all? There’s a good girl…



TG caption: What Did I Do?

2 thoughts on “What Did I Do?

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  2. Oh how I would have loved to have a Teddy-boy to lose a bet to when I was in college! With a few dozen sessions of deep-brain hypnotic conditioning I would have been in that white wedding dress faster than Trish got Benny / Bethany into hers!
    Of course I would have not had that castration thingy done. I would have paid for the Super-Deluxe Deep-Brain Hypnotic Conditioning Program and lost that part of me too!

    Great start to the new year Amanda! Many thanks as always!!


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