Don’t Wait Up

don't wait upHere’s a question for all you TG fiction fans: What’s the opposite of forced feminization? Answer: Well, I don’t rightly know, but whatever it is this caption is surely it. To me, this lovely girl’s expression—and the tale shown herein—speaks to a coming era wherein cross-dressing is fully accepted by the younger generation, and eventually in society at large. What a marvelous time it will be, where a man could just as easily choose a dress and heels in the morning as a suit and tie. A utopian vision, to be sure, but dreams do sometimes come true. Enjoy!

The most recent story where a brother willingly took his sister’s place was “Miss American Girl“. For a caption with a somewhat similar theme, you could do worse than last year’s “Meet the Clifford Sisters“.



TG caption: Don’t Wait Up

4 thoughts on “Don’t Wait Up

  1. I love your stuff… (proofread “made” it bigger)

    However, this time I agree with mom…. if HE was serious. But womanhood is no joke… a lot of my sisters are *literally* dying for it.

    But I still love your art and erotic writing. I think FLEET ESCORT is my favorite.

  2. Oops, I doth believe Jonah prostheses to much. That womanless pageant got him/her thinking, now he is going full on. I bet if you ask Ellie she even gave Jonah some of her birth control pills as vitamins. Look out world, Joan is going to be trouble.

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