Lots More Feminization

lots more feminizationHere’s a question most of you would find pretty darn easy to answer: “Hey, sport, have ya had enough feminization yet?” Your response: “Uhm, like, no way! I’ll take another big scoop, and then maybe one or two more. After that, well… I’ll think about it. Oh, who am I kidding? Lady, I’ll take all the feminization you can dish out!” Alas, that’s not an option for most of us, so we’ll just have to make do with the plight of the young man in this caption. He wasn’t one of us trans-types before, but give him a few weeks. Enjoy!

I wrote a caption called “More Feminization” two years ago, which is why the “lots” got added to this title. The most recent item in this vein is “Bryn Mawr Bound“, but follow the links for more.


P.S. This here is another wide caption, so here’s your free JPG file for those in the need. Click on the above icon for the PDF version.

6 thoughts on “Lots More Feminization

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  3. With all the changes you gave in this caption, I would jump right into a dress and high heels faster than a jack rabbit!

  4. I love your “realistic” salon captions. I feel it takes a lot more effort to write a great caption like this one than to have our heroine suddenly changed by a medallion or spell.

    • Glad you like! As you undoubtedly know, I write both kinds of caption: realistic and magic (and sci-fi too). It certainly takes more effort to write the transformation itself in a realistic caption; that’s why I enjoy them, that tight focus on the moment of transformation. When the change is effected through magic, the caption (or story) becomes less about the transformation and more about the consequences. If a magic-based caption just tells you what happens, and that it’s magic, and then hey-hey I’m a woman now so let’s do it—then yes, that kind of simplistic approach is a disappointment (and boring). But if it goes on to explore how the new woman reacts, and how those around her react, then I think that’s okay.

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