The Artifact

the artifactI’ve been reviewing and finishing a few old captions of late and this one popped up from all the way back in 2014. It began as a caption, on which I’d written most of the woman’s dialogue you’ll find in the story. It was pretty much complete—so why didn’t I post it back then? Simple: it was dull. Think about it: some dude finds the fabled medallion of Zulo, uses it to turn into his gorgeous wife, then turns her into him, and squares the circle by conveniently ‘losing’ the medallion. Where have we heard that before? Everywhere, that’s where! I’ve probably written it myself, and for sure every other TG author who ever wrote about the ubiquitous medallion has used that storyline. There was nothing new about it, so the thing got shelved.

As it happens, I’ve recently been reading a number of old H.P. Lovecraft stories, so when I took another look at the old caption I was struck by a devilish thought: What if it wasn’t the medallion of Zulo after all? What if it was the kind of magical talisman that Lovecraft himself might have written about? The result is what you see herein: perhaps the ultimate case of two people (if indeed one of them can be considered a ‘people’ anymore) talking past one another (way, waaaay past). Enjoy!

For precedents I’ll refer you to my two previous Cthulhu mythos stories: “The Pact” from 2016 and “Dreams in the Witch House” from 2014.


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