The Magnificent Miranda

the magnificent mirandaSo here’s the deal: right out of the blue, a beautiful woman wants to swap bodies with you. (If only, right? But she has her reasons.) You’re a cross-dresser, so what do you do? Actually, it’s a rhetorical question: she doesn’t give you a choice in the matter. The bodyswap itself occurs in the first few pages; the rest of the story is about how events develop from there. Becoming a woman isn’t as easy as you might think. Enjoy!

This story has some fairly apparent similarities to “Sister Hyde“, which should come as no surprise given that I was writing both stories at the same time. I’ve written lots of captions that involve bodyswaps, but I’ll just point you to last year’s “The Bodyswap Game” as a recent example.



The Magnificent Miranda promo

5 thoughts on “The Magnificent Miranda

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  2. That was a wonderful story that has an almost really great ending. It’s great that Miranda found not only a loving mother but also someone she can share her life with.

      • Double-LOL! Thank you for correcting that. I had been wondering exactly what it was that didn’t work for you. It was a tricky ending to write (I went through it a bunch of times, adjusting the wording) and by its nature it probably wasn’t going to work for everyone. So it’s nice to know that some people like it. I appreciate the update. 🙂

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