Bryn Mawr Bound

bryn mawr boundLike the caption I posted two days ago, this item came together very quickly. As my readers no doubt suspect, I have a rather large collection of pictures like this: long hair and more long hair. After stumbling across this one, I was moved to use it right away in a caption. The notion of two women discussing a young man’s feminization came to me (as these things do, to many of us), and the rest of the tale (no pun intended) soon fell into place.

I should add that my use herein of the very real Bryn Mawr College is NOT intended as a slight on that fine institution. This is a minor piece of fiction and is intended to be a humorous look at the often unrealistic expectations mothers sometimes place on their children. It is NOT meant to suggest that this or any other women’s college is some kind of proving ground for girls who dislike the male of the species. That would be the sort of right-wing misogynist crap bandied about by certain men in positions of power (who shall remain nameless) in these difficult times, and my regular readers know that I am definitely not like that. Women are generally wonderful people (although, as in everything, there are exceptions). In this tale, I’m sure that (a) the kid had it coming, and (b) it’s probably all for the best. Enjoy!

I admit it, this is another tale where a hapless male is coerced into cross-dressing. Once again, don’t ask me why. In a different way, this caption reminds me of “Hair to Die For“, “People of Earth“, “Rose Gold” and “Break My Spirit“, which all involve looking at the back of a woman’s head. I’ll let you figure that one out.


P.S. This is another wide caption, so here’s the JPG file for your viewing convenience. Click on the above icon for the PDF version.

3 thoughts on “Bryn Mawr Bound

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