Lady Five Million

lady five millionNews flash: within the last couple of hours (I’m on top of this, people), the Reading Room passed another big meaningless milestone: five million views (also known as web hits). There’s a nice summary of how we got here in last year’s post on the subject of four million views. All I can add to it is that it still takes a bit more than a calendar year for the site to run through a cool million. Then again, as I’ve observed before, maximizing web hits is definitely not the goal around here. More short pieces like captions are what drive clicks, but I’m all about writing longer pieces with more text. Writers write, my friends. Fun as they can be, shortie captions aren’t really writing.

Anyway, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who comes here to partake of the quality (I like to think) transgender and cross-dressing fiction herein. A special thanks to the lovely people who take the time to write and share their feelings and opinions with me, both here and on DeviantArt. Your kind words are much appreciated. I also welcome feedback on my work, whether it’s positive or negative. Praise is certainly sweet, sweet candy for any author’s confidence and ego, but constructive critiques are more than just useful; they’re one of the best ways for a writer to learn and improve (although nothing beats practice, practice, practice, of course).



Lady Five Million

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