Who Hit on Jessica Rabette

who hit on jessica rabetteAs promised, here’s another little Halloween tale that won’t scare anybody (except perhaps sexist male bosses whose testicles might be at risk), but yet is oddly appropriate to the season. I have no data to back this up, but I strongly suspect that Jessica Rabbit (Rabette is the surname of the couple in the story) is a popular costume (and style icon) with many cross-dressers. Can’t say I blame them. Any cross-dresser who wouldn’t want to look like the fabulous female in this image (the one in the icon) should have their annual membership in the sisterhood revoked at once. Enjoy!

For obvious reasons, this item reminds me of last year’s Halloween caption: “All Hallows’ Eve“, which was posted almost exactly a year ago. Check that post for links to a few other Halloween goodies.


BONUS! Here’s a little poster-style caption that didn’t quite deserve its own post, so I’m shoehorning it in here. (Yes, that’s me in the pic. Sort of.)


Dude, You Look Like Your Mom!

11 thoughts on “Who Hit on Jessica Rabette

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  4. The Bonus cap: That must be some really magical hairspray. Not only does it make your hair look like your mom’s but the hairspray enters your scalp and you turn into a younger version of your mother. She paid a lot to get a Daughter, seeing she knew all along that her son was dressing up to copy her for Halloween, 3rd year in a row and on other times, so why not have a daughter 100% full time?

    • Yep, it could be magic. Or it could be that if you just dress up the right way, you might look a lot like your mother all by yourself (being related and all). Either way, it’s all good. 🙂

  5. Great Halloween cap with the made-up Jessica having a bat cave “your words not mine” lol. I wonder if Roger Rabbit has a long fat carrot to give Jessica when they get home (pun intended). I wonder how Jeffie will take to waking up as the real Jessica the next morning seeing All Hallows Eve is a magical night and wishes do come true.

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