Terrifying Beauty

terrifying beautyHalloween is nearly upon us and I hear by the grapevine that it’s a favorite time of year for many a cross-dresser. (I’m not one of them, alas, as I’m the exact opposite of a party person.) But this wonderful picture (which I knew I had to caption the moment I saw it) linked up with the notion of a beauty so intimidating to men that it could be considered really, really scary, and this caption was the result. It’s early, but enjoy the Halloween reference anyway. (Besides, I’ve got another Halloween item coming up soon.)

There are many possible ancestors for this item, but off the top of my head I’m reminded of “Play to Win” from 2015. I’m sure there are many others.


P.S. This is quite a wide caption, so here’s the JPG file for all you collectors out there. Click on the above icon for the PDF version.

5 thoughts on “Terrifying Beauty

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  2. Well, I wonder by the morning what William or Cynthia will be thinking about the whole thing: all the Alcohol, the guys that swoon all over her, the women that are just jealous of her perfect body and face. And when the guy takes her home and has sex with her seeing he fitted him/her with a realistic vagina which he did not tell the mother. I wonder who will wake up, Cynthia or a William that thinks he is Cynthia.

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