Love Romances #101

love romances #101I do enjoy writing these sorts of covers, but I don’t often come across one that stands up and says, “Hey, I’ve got a story to tell.” This one did and it’s all down to the expressions on the faces of the three main characters. As is always the case with these captions, the text is mine (except the title) and the artwork is courtesy of the original Love Romances comic book. (The talented artist himself is, sadly, unknown.) Enjoy!

The last modified cover I wrote was “Obsessive Compulsive Womanhood,” more than a year ago. My last actual comic cover (and one of my all-time favs) was “Don’t Jump to Conclusions” from 2016.



Love Romances #101

3 thoughts on “Love Romances #101

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  2. I absolutely love it! But did anyone else notice….after we got past “I want a step like that!”…. that the chick in blue is pulling a Michael Jackson? Only one glove. And why won’t fashion swing back so we all wear opera gloves on dates again?

    Amanda, you need to know that your work is one of my “bright spots” in my life! Keep it up. I love your stories (I write too) especially FLEET ESCORT….

    • Thanks for the props! I love being someone’s bright spot. Nope, didn’t notice the glove. The girl in the foreground has two gloves, but maybe that’s because she has “man hands”. 🙂

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