All Part of the Plan

all part of the planI may have mentioned this before, but I rarely write sister captions because I’m an only child, so I have little feel for what the sibling relationship is like. (I did have friends with older sisters and they [the sisters] were definitely strange beasts, easily as scary as any movie monster. But fascinating too, for obvious reasons.) I feel quite deprived, if for no other reason than it would’ve been great to have another female wardrobe in the house. And of course, there’s always the remote possibility that one’s sister might decide to step in and feminize her younger brother—which is what happens here, albeit for rather selfish reasons entirely in her own interest. (Has there ever been a story where the sister acted selflessly and for her brother’s own good? Probably, but it’s gotta be rare!) Enjoy!

The last brother-to-sister caption I wrote was just over a year ago: “Meet the Clifford Sisters“. There are links there to a few others.


P.S. This is yet another in a long line of wide captions, so here’s the JPG file for anyone who needs it. Click on the above icon for the PDF version.

4 thoughts on “All Part of the Plan

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  2. Looks gorgeous, maybe could do it and stay but ruin the sisters and brother-in-law’s reputation, just a thought.

  3. Vanessa has opened the Pandora’s box. I hope she like dildos because if Jeffie stays Vanessa for 5yrs he will become Vanessa in mind if not in body with something extra now for Hubby, he will be a permanent sissy lover if not Gay as a three dollar bill. So Vanessa 1.0 vanity has gotten her in a real mess, losing her husband for what the country club bitches think, to what is real love and for Hubby to not love a woman’s body that has a few pounds on it of baby weight is just not a husband. Vanessa 1.0 is better off dumping this heal of a man and finding a more caring and loving step-father for Boo-Bear. Because Hubby and Vanessa 2.0 are going to be together for a long time to come.

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