A Stone Cold Fox

stone cold foxHeaven help us all if organized crime ever gets its mitts on the infamous Medallion of Zulo. As this caption shows, one common use (among many, no doubt) for it would be to disappear anyone who happened to get in their way. I think this would work for most of the “hits” they make, because the victim would no longer be able to testify against them. It’s much cleaner than murder, and it’s even reversible in the case of mistaken identity. It could also be used in place of lesser punishments, although its effectiveness would depend on the personality and interests of the victim—and of course on the particulars of the person they were turned into. In certain cases (oh, me-me-me) turning someone into a beautiful woman wouldn’t quality as punishment at all. And certain highly adaptable people might just be able to make the best of a bad situation… Enjoy!

This caption reminds me of another crime-related cap from earlier this year: “White Collar Crime“.


P.S. We got us another quite wide caption, so here’s the latest JPG for your collecting pleasure. As always, click on the above icon for the PDF version.

3 thoughts on “A Stone Cold Fox

  1. Nice, I like this. Halfway thru the guy is starting to think like the girl and how she can deal with her life. Well I know how it was done. Big Teddy and the DA were in bed together and the cops were paid off to look the other way. The Prostitute, too bad for her, I would hope she got the guy’s body and was now working for big Teddy, but more than likely they changed her into the guy then killed her. Two birds with one Medallion of Zulo.

    • You might have something there. I gave no thought to what had actually happened to the original woman, but they could well have used the Medallion to turn her into someone else. Hey, maybe she’s the new Big Teddy! 🙂

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