cluelessThis isn’t to single out the teenage set as clueless (so don’t write in about that), but I’m pretty sure I myself felt pretty clueless at that age—and when I look back at that period of my life I’m certain of it. And if I had ever wandered into a beauty salon at the time, the events detailed herein could easily have happened to me. I suspect the same could be said of most of us, although I have to say that the teenagers of today do seem to be a lot more ‘with it’ than I ever was (time heals all wounds and improves at least some clueless minds). Enjoy!

I’ve written more than my fair share of salon captions, so I’ll just point out the most recent ones from this year: “Hair to Die For” and “People of Earth“. Feel free to poke around in the archives; if that’s your thing you’ll find many more.



Clueless caption set

9 thoughts on “Clueless

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  3. Your “hair” captions are my favorite. They bring back wonderful memories. I grew my hair out to about my shoulder blades about 15 years ago and kept it that way for 8 years or so. I cut it to a somewhat androgynous length because it was limiting my roles in the theater. I still have a hairdresser that colors and styles my hair (she added such dramatic feminine highlights and lowlights yesterday that I am wondering how this will play out when others see it today). Back when it was long, I had 3 different hairdressers who were all very close friends of mine who gave me some incredible styles (incredible curls, elegant updos, etc).

      • I was fortunate. I own a construction company and customers are used to workers having longer hair. If I knew how to send you a private email, I would send you a few of my best pictures (the bad ones have been run over by a truck and then burned).

  4. My small town lost their barber when I was very young… but the town had 3 hair saloons, so the same woman who did my mom’s cut mine too. Due to it being thick and wavy, she would wash it before cutting…. so this caption comes very close to my childhood.

    • Thick and wavy? You’re so lucky! I’ve always regretted having such thin hair (not thinning, just very narrow strands). If genetic engineering gets its act together in time, that’s the first thing I’d change.

    • Well, this is already a 3-part caption set. If it’s just the first caption that’s too short, the second and third parts are available in the PDF. To see that file, click on the small “Clueless” icon at the top of the post or the caption itself above.

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