reprogrammedAs cross-dressers, we’ve all experienced the internal conflict that comes with the territory: am I a man or a woman? The answer is kind-of sort-of neither, or both; in boy-mode we have little trouble functioning as guys, and are generally comfortable that way, while in girl-mode the more feminine and womanly we can make ourselves, the better. It can be terribly confusing, and many of us experience a great deal of angst before we finally make peace with ourselves (I know I did)—if indeed we ever do. But all this could change in the future, with the advance of technology. Read on for a glimpse into a fabulous world that may be just around the corner.

I’m calling this a vignette, rather than an out-an-out story, because to me it doesn’t feel complete. There isn’t much plot here, it’s really just a fairly quick character sketch. It’s a whopping eleven pages long because of the amount of transformation description (oh boy!). Off the top of my head (pun very much intended), in terms of the brain interface aspect this reminds me of another sci-fi vignette: “Dare You” from 2015. Enjoy!



Reprogrammed vignette

7 thoughts on “Reprogrammed

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  6. I love this one. I wish I could live in their world. I *am* a transwoman—

    Stupid electronics! I wasn’t finished!
    Knowing what you are, in this time at least, doesn’t finish it all. I’d love access to the clinic, and the program could be used to tweak my confidence and correct minor imperfections, like his movement and stance.

    I’d love to see how Lynn goes forward! He said no woman has visited in over two years. His romantic life was nil, but hers? I can’t envision it not blossoming, and very soon.

    • Thanks. Glad you liked! (By the way, I combined your two posts, just to tidy up.)

      I think we can all imagine how her life will proceed. Happily ever after and all that good stuff. It wasn’t part of the story for the usual reason: no conflict. Plot needs conflict and story needs plot.

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