Spock Reborn

spock rebornI have no idea where this one came from, but I can’t help feeling that I may have committed some sort of sacrilege. Let me state for the record that, while I may not be an out-and-out Trekkie (never been to a con, never worn the uniform, can’t do the Vulcan salute), I am definitely a big fan of the franchise; I’ve seen every episode of all the series (except the latest one) and all the movies (except maybe the last couple, but they’re definitely on my to-do list). I’m also a big Spock fan; when my friends and I played Star Trek as kids, I was always the Vulcan. I offer this caption as an homage to the late great Leonard Nimoy and to Spock himself, one of the greatest characters in all of Science Fiction. Enjoy!

I can only recall writing one Star Trek caption before, way back in 2013: “We are the Borg“. If I’m wrong about that, please let me know.



Spock Reborn caption

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