Spock Reborn

spock rebornI have no idea where this one came from, but I can’t help feeling that I may have committed some sort of sacrilege. Let me state for the record that, while I may not be an out-and-out Trekkie (never been to a con, never worn the uniform, can’t do the Vulcan salute), I am definitely a big fan of the franchise; I’ve seen every episode of all the series (except the latest one) and all the movies (except maybe the last couple, but they’re definitely on my to-do list). I’m also a big Spock fan; when my friends and I played Star Trek as kids, I was always the Vulcan. I offer this caption as an homage to the late great Leonard Nimoy and to Spock himself, one of the greatest characters in all of Science Fiction. Enjoy!

I can only recall writing one Star Trek caption before, way back in 2013: “We are the Borg“. If I’m wrong about that, please let me know.



Spock Reborn caption

4 thoughts on “Spock Reborn

  1. You have definitely NOT committed sacrilege. While it might not have been intentional on most of the writers, there definitely have been moments could be viewed as homoerotic. Years ago, I found a book that covered various science fiction topics that had a chapter devoted entirely to Kirk/Spock fiction. (That was a few years before the internet really too off.) It mentioned either that slash fiction probably started (or was at least popularized) by Kirk/Spock fiction being produced for fanzines during the 1970s. Until then, I hadn’t thought about them as a pairing. Then, I was a little down because I would likely never have access to those zines to see if they were good or not.

    Anyway, the larger point is that you made a caption that might get someone else to consider a pairing they might [never] have considered before.

    • Thanks for the feedback. I too heard of that kind of slash fiction years ago, although I don’t recall when or where. I’m sure this caption came from simply knowing that the concept of a Kirk/Spock pairing existed. I’ve never read any such fiction, and frankly I lack the interest—unless, of course, one or both of them happens to be dressed as a woman (or actually is a woman) at the time!

      • I’m now using a different name, one inspired by you after what you said about my comments about “Crisis Call.”

        I remembered that the series dealt with something like this.

        The last episode of the original series was “Turnabout Intruder.” (I had to look that up, just to be sure.). In it, Dr. Janice Lester, someone with whom Kirk had been intimately involved in the past, switches bodies with Kirk and plans on killing him, well, her, I guess, and then take over the Enterprise.

        If the episode had ended differently and Kirk had been stuck as Lester, JANE T. Kirk would need SOMEONE to attend the needs of her body. And there is more than one fanfic about Kirk being unable to return to HER original body. I don’t know too much about them, but it will be fun to find out.

      • Welcome back, Analyst! (A Spock-like name if there ever was one.)

        I do recall that episode. Possibly the worst Star Trek episode ever (talk about ending on a downer). It is, of course, a fascinating idea and an even more alluring technology (which, alas, was never officially heard from again). But the plot of the episode was problematic, in that it was incredibly sexist. Janice was detected and defeated because she couldn’t handle being the captain (or maybe just being male) and became “hysterical” (their word, not mine). Talk about weak! I can’t imagine any of the women in the more modern series acting that way. In fact, I can’t watch that episode without being offended on behalf of all womankind (even without being female myself).

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