There’s a Sucker Born

there's a sucker bornWe all know what female bodysuits are and what they can do for those of us who aren’t, shall we say, female enough in real life. (Aside: are they magic, or are they absurdly advanced technology probably of alien origin? No one knows! It’s all part of the fun…) And the darn things do have a nasty habit of doing their own thing, or otherwise malfunctioning, and turning some poor sap into a woman for life. Not to mention the vast potential here for abusing such a powerful, uh, power… which is what happens here. Enjoy!

Long-time readers who are paying close attention might notice that I have in fact used this fabulous picture before (albeit in mirror-image form), in “Hostage Situation” from 2016.


P.S. We got us here another wide caption and it’s fairly wordy to boot, so here’s the JPG, for those in the know.

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