A Terribly Naughty Thing to Do

terribly naughty thing to doHmm… a teenage boy uses some kind of magic to pull the old body-switcheroo on his rather attractive (and surprisingly youthful-looking) mother. Where have I heard that before? Oh yeah: everywhere! As TG tropes go, it’s one of the most popular and the most confusing (both for those who like it and for everyone else). There’s nothing new here, but let’s all just try and have fun with it, shall we? No point looking a gift horse in the mouth or anyplace else. Enjoy!

I’ve written too many of these captions to list, so instead I’ll just dedicate this particular example to the indefatigable Gensabi, whose captions often reflect this precise theme. Get well soon, Gensabi!



A Terribly Naughty Thing to Do caption

2 thoughts on “A Terribly Naughty Thing to Do

  1. Love the evil red eye look makes you believe in magic. But the jokes on the new Mommy seeing last month the new Gavin/ old mommy stopped taking her birth control pills because the boy friend asked.

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