Swap Thing

swap thingI’ve always maintained that worldwide body-swap events like the Great Shift (among others) are just too big to capture in a mere caption. They’re just too damn big; so many people get switched around that chaos would ensue and civilization itself might collapse. Even if not, the effects are just too massive and widespread to describe in anything short of a novel—and we’re talking about a Stephen King thousand-page doorstop kind of novel. But then I thought: what if only a minority of people were switched, just enough to create a media sensation (it wouldn’t take much)? Then we could go in for a tight focus on two of the people affected and just tell a tiny (but key) portion of their story, while providing a quick sketch of how they fit into the bigger picture. Now that I put it like that, it sounds pretty tricky. But anyway, here it is and you can judge for yourself how successful I was. Enjoy!

As most of my readers know, I’ve written a fair number of son-becomes-his-mother stories over the years, so I’ll just point you to the most recent examples: “Mother’s Way” and “Gone But Not Forgotten“. There are certainly others in the archives, if anyone cares to look.


P.S. This here’s another wide caption, so here’s the JPG for anyone who collects the things.

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