The Transformation Game

transformation gameThere is a school of thought that views cross-dressing as a way for inadequate males—who aren’t really inadequate, I must stress, they only feel that way; which is bad enough, of course—to gain a sense of self-worth, by emulating in themselves the traits that they view to be most desirable in another person: to wit, a sweetly feminine face, gorgeous long hair (for me, at least), a killer figure rocking a little black dress, and so on. Although it’s important to not lose sight of the possible (and very likely) genetic component, I think this school of thought has some merit. It certainly seems that most of us (probably a significant majority) are pretty down on our male selves, and “pretty down” is probably a serious understatement. When society places such a premium on female beauty, what could be more natural than to want some of that action for ourselves? (Please note that this theory applies to the heterosexual cross-dressers among us; transsexuals are something else altogether. They don’t just want the adoration that comes with being a beautiful woman—they really are women.) Anyway, this caption takes this approach to its logical, if slightly unseemly, conclusion. Enjoy!

This caption reminds me of “It’s Never Enough” from last year and “Runaway Feminization” from 2016, but there’ve been quite a few in this vein over the years.



The Transformation Game caption

7 thoughts on “The Transformation Game

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  2. Another great captiion, Amanda. Again the question, “How far would I be prepared to take the whole boy-to-girl thing?

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