Dressing Up Proper

dressing up properHere’s the recipe: take one youthful cross-dresser who was always smaller than the other boys, add the mother of an only child who always wanted a daughter (don’t they all?), stir in a trip to mom’s salon and a dash of hypnosis, and what do you get? One totally committed cross-dresser, that’s what. Enjoy!

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish all my American friends and readers a very happy Fourth of July. I grew up next-door admiring America and all she stands for, and although it’s sad to see how tarnished that image has become in these discouraging times I still believe your country can (and must) return to being the progressive society it once at least promised to be. (Hint: Trump is so NOT the one to lead you there; all he cares about is his own ego.) Politics is a strange scene: a place where Right is wrong, Left is right, and up is probably down. So tread carefully. To paraphrase the late great George Orwell in his classic novel Animal Farm: “Four legs good, two legs bad, and Trump is a walking, talking disaster.” The good news: the dude won’t be around forever. That’s the beauty of democracy. Get out the vote!


P.S. This is another very wide caption, so here it is (as a JPG file).

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