The Perfect Crime

perfect crimeThe TG fiction community has come up with a long list of reasons (or excuses) for why someone else (wife, mother, sister, girlfriend, teacher, mad scientist, the list goes on…) might want to forcibly feminize, or at least coercively cross-dress, the hapless hero of the moment. This reason/excuse is far from original, but just check out how well it fits his/her expression!

Lemme see, the last time I mentioned crime in a caption was a few months back in “White Collar Crime” (hopefully that isn’t a trend). “Deal With It” from 2016 also dealt with criminals, although in a very different way.


P.S. This is a wide-ish caption, so here’s the JPG for those who collect the thangs.

2 thoughts on “The Perfect Crime

  1. LOL But the funny thing is after Theresa II got taken by the rich guy in the back door all the mental conditioning was broken. Theresa I was waiting all night and into the next morning worried that her Husband had failed. Just as Theresa I was leaving the mall and all the camera’s a black van pulled up and grabbed her off camera.
    3 months latter and a nip and tuck Theresa II (Terri) She was looking in a cell in the rich mans basement at Theresa I locked up. Lorenzo took Terri’s hand and said look my darling your wife will never be found come lets go upstairs where the wedding reception is going on. Funny thing Theresa I did not know was that Lorenzo was into T-girls more than natural girls. so the last thing Theresa I heard Terri say was it is you Theresa who will have to “Deal With it.”

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